Here are the five tips to help you dress to BE yourself. 

It isn’t easy to pick a style, and we are here to tell you that you shouldn’t put much time into it. First, and foremost, we’ve got you covered.

Our collections are built from the ground up to source quality clothing from established and upcoming trends in streetwear. We do the work, and we ensure that the clothing options are both quality and affordable.

The next steps to pick your style are relatively simple. Forget all the advice you’ve ever heard about menswear, style, choosing different options, or anything relevant in that category.

Dress to BE Yourself

TIP # 1 - Pick a Color that Suits YOU. Combine it with Black and White. 

Every one of us has a color that best suits them. Whether orange, blue, green, or red, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it should suit YOUR liking.

Once you have THAT color, combine it mostly with black and white. Prefer graphics? Make sure the color is featured on the selected graphic itself, or make sure to connect the graphic mostly with black and white.

This shapes the color or the graphic to be a centerpiece of your clothing.

TIP # 2 - Dress for your body shape and size.

Don’t pick an “S” or “XL” right away. You might think that loose wear is better, so the size doesn’t matter. Chances are the clothing you believe are “loose” are intentionally made to be longer. Thus, if you pick the wrong size, you might end up with a shirt that doesn’t fit on your shoulders or doesn’t look right.

At UMENSION, we have a “chart size” section on each product page. Especially if you are a first-time shopper, we recommend taking a measure of your body. Use the chart to help you select the clothing that will fit you the best.

Our Chart Size has instructions on how to measure your body the right way.

TIP # 3 - Choose Shoes that you like. Make sure to clean them regularly.

Choose shoes that you like. Don’t think about your trousers, pants and how the shoes match. Instead, focus on shoes and a shoe type that you really want to wear, and that is comfortable on your feet. If it feels good, it looks good. Make sure also to clean your shoes regularly. A mistake people often make is not taking good care of their shoes.

TIP # 4 - Think different and experiment.

While you might like a specific type of footwear and a particular kind of clothing, it’s best to experiment. Usually, you wouldn’t want to stick to just ONE type. Granted, for footwear, it might be a bit different, but make sure that your upper wardrobe is different enough to make an impression. Especially if there are places (i.e., work, gym) that you visit regularly.

TIP # 5 - Focus on your comfort and confidence.

If a piece of clothing is comfortable and you feel confident in it, then chances are you will look great wearing it. In fact, a lot about the perception others have on us comes from our own internal impression. If you feel confident in the clothes you wear, your whole body will express that confidence in the world. That’s why you should focus on picking clothes and clothing that you feel comfortable in, and that makes you feel confident and inspired.

Which item makes you feel confident? 

God, I feel like I'm walking on a cloud, the shoes are comfortable, and after a while, I'll buy them again for my friends


Very unique! Bought it for my BF, he loves it, it look very good on the handsome guy...


Really comfortable & well made. Really soft & warm. Sizing is spot on too. 5ft 9in XL fits like a dream, not tight at all.


The fit on this is very good and fits as expected. The best feature of these shorts is all the pockets. The fabric is extremely tough and comfortable. Overall very satisfied! I will definitely recommend this to everyone.

Anthony R.

Sneakers are just stunning, as in the picture. I at my 39-40 afraid of malomerki took 41. In the end, they are quite a bit big to me. But you can wear a warm sock and wear them all year round) delivery up to Mo 3 weeks. Who wants bright and comfortable shoes-take it without thinking!

Treynor B.

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