The Secret To Confident Streetwear Style

THE SECRET OF STREETWEAR is now in the open.

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A lot of industry analysts relate the growth of the streetwear industry with the rise of some of the biggest brands in the industry.

To an extent, it’s true that the marketing efforts, the celebrity endorsements, and the unique methods of advertising have played a role in making streetwear more popular.

HOWEVER, streetwear is JUST NOT about the BIGGEST BRANDS.

Connected with the rise of athleticwear, influenced by R&B artists, the skater culture and much more, Streetwear is a culmination of one thing -- PERSONAL EXPRESSION.

Streetwear is about BEING YOURSELF and wearing clothes that make YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE. Clothes and shoes that make you confident in your personal expression.

THAT is the secret of streetwear. It’s not about wearing the most expensive clothes. That’s why most of the streetwear brands have collapsed in public perception and respect, as they forgot what streetwear is all about.

We created UMENSION, as we knew that EVERYONE should have the chance to EXPRESS THEMSELVES and increase their CONFIDENCE by wearing clothes that make them feel comfortable.

UMENSION bridges the gap between quality streetwear and affordable prices.

WE DO that, not only because we don’t CONFORM to the STATUS QUO. Yes, that’s a part of it. We want to SHOW that quality streetwear can be inexpensive and should be available to everyone.

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However, we also do that, because we know the secret of Streetwear lies within the CONFIDENCE in PERSONAL EXPRESSION.

confidence to get the girl of your dreams.
… confidence that inspires others.
… confidence that helps build you up.

Confidence built from the ground up through
the clothes you wear and the way you feel.

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