How To Improve Your Streetwear Style


Travis Scott and UMENSION?

At UMENSION, we love Travis Scott. You know why? He’s all about BEING YOURSELF. He doesn’t conform to the status quo and he showcases that everyone can be awesome, if they just believe in themselves.

You can often see Kanye walking around with a long T-shirt featuring a simple design and saggy pants. You think he doesn’t care?

He DOES care about looking awesome, but he KNOWS he can only LOOK awesome, if he feels awesome. That’s why he chooses to wear comfortable clothing. He sets trends by making the decision to wear what he likes.

At UMENSION, we love Kanye, because we are all about the same mission. WEARING the clothes that YOU like and those that make you FEEL awesome. 

Make a change in your wardrobe and start wearing
comfortable and quality clothes that you truly like.

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What Our Customers Says

Bought this hoodie from this new site. Fits him as expected and he wears it all the time. Has not faded or shrunk after many washes. Good quality for the price.


I ordered my favorite color for sneakers and they are awesome. As soon as the shipment arrived I put them on and they are so comfy out of the box, no break in time required!


Excellent windbreaker with a sub. There is an inner pocket. Behind the elastic band. For autumn-spring. Traced. It arrives in 20 days. Thanks!

Peter O.

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