What Makes A Shoe Great? 

Everyone knows that shoes are an important part of your streetwear collection. But how can you tell the quality of your shoes?

At UMENSION, we make sure to source only the highest quality of shoes and offer them at the most affordable rates possible.

To help give you a glimpse into our process, we’ve decided to share the five things that make shoes great.

Understanding Unboxing

The unboxing experience is the first thing that can tell the quality of a shoe. If the shoes aren’t packaged nicely in a presentable box, then that’s a telltale sign of shoes that might not be up to par to quality standards.

When inspecting your shoes, make sure that any COLOR/MODEL/SIZE labels on the box fit with the ones on the shoes.

Understanding Symmetry

Great shoes are done with symmetry. The left and the right shoes should be symmetrical to one another without any discrepancies.

To check, if your shoes fit, roll the shoes while aligning the caps, overlays, eye stays, eyelets and the toe caps. Check if the shoes are nicely aligned when looking at them side to side.

Understanding the Inside

Last, but not least, make sure to check the shoe on the inside. The lining should be clean without any wrinkles. Put your hand inside the shoe and try to check for any bumps or glue. The footbed should be straight, level and fitting correctly.

For a perfect shoe, you should also inspect the vamp and the toe cap from the inside. Any rough stitching will be obvious.

We hope that these tips have helped you understand what makes a shoe a great one.

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