You Are Worth it!

You probably don't want to admit it, but chances are you are your greatest enemy.

You put yourself down when you feel down. You tell yourself you are not worth it more often than you like to admit. You make all the wrong choices just because you don't feel you are good enough.

We are here to remind you that YOU ARE WORTH IT!

When successful, people will have you believe that they NEVER for a SECOND thought that they wouldn't make it. You know the truth?

Umension kept us going. Our idea of bringing quality streetwear to the masses and make it affordable kept us going.

However, it wasn't a smooth, passionate ride.

We doubted ourselves more times than we can count. We thought we wouldn't make it. We were questioning whether the fight with the most prominent brands was worth it. Can we even be as affordable as we KNEW we can be?

DOUBT is human.

It's completely natural to doubt yourself. It's not out of the ordinary for a man to put himself down.

We were almost broken down when we were hearing the quotes from some of our providers. We KNEW the prices COULD be lower. Yet, we doubted ourselves. Could we do it? Would we make it? Would we succeed?

No matter how much we doubted ourselves, we FOUGHT, and you know what, we succeed in getting extremely affordable quality streetwear. We managed to curate a fantastic collection for people just like you.


As this crazy man on the internet (ah, Shia) once said, Just Do It!

Instead of putting yourself down, build yourself up.

You know, even once we achieved our goal, we still didn't think we could make it.

It was our hundreds of satisfied customers shouting that we've exceeded their expectations that truly JUSTIFIED our efforts and helped us REALIZE that we SHOULD think MORE of ourselves.
That's why we created this video and this article. To remind you that YOU ARE worth it.

We're here to help you JUSTIFY your efforts to look better and help REALIZE that you don't need to have thousands of dollars to look good.

You are WORTH IT. Don't doubt yourself and always be better than you think you are. Exceed your expectations.

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What Our Customers Says

These sneakers are awesome guys. Quality is good. The shoes are superb! Packing was also great. I loved these shoes...Go for it


The quality of the fabric itself is very good. The image has not faded even after few washes and the Tshirt has not shrunk a bit also. I recommend low or no heat when drying or air dry.


Really nice soft hoodie, great price, my husband is very pleased with how it fits.


These sneakers are really good. Quality is good. Fit is superb! Packing was also great. I recommend. Will buy more for Umension.


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